Chloe Fisher

Account Manager at The DeChristopher Group

Chloe oversees escalated customer service issues, works closely with our internal compliance officer to provide additional compliance support to our clients, and maintains a high level of client support in all situations. 

Chloe has worked as both a Benefits Service Team Member and as an Account Manager within the firm. Because of her unique skills in writing, she assists with marketing functions within the group. Chloe holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in English and minors in creative writing and secondary education from the University of Lynchburg. She has a strong interest in linguistics and has done considerable research in the diachronic change of language. She also has extensive experience in editing and tutoring, where she developed a keen eye for errors, a love for language, and valuable cooperative learning skills. In her free time, Chloe enjoys writing, as she has publications in her institutions literary magazines, avidly posts to her blog, and is in the process of writing her first novel, and playing with her cat, Niko.