Employee Benefits

When we first met this company (lets call them Company) at a DeChristopher Group sponsored seminar, Company was beyond frustrated with double-digit increases to their health plan year after year. The HR Manager challenged us to do something about it. Fast forward three years. Not only were we able to save Company 8% off their renewal that year, they have had no increase in the two subsequent years.

How were we able to accomplish such a lofty goal? By employing our deep industry knowledge and expertise, leveraging our partnerships and experience in alternative funding. The end result? Company was able to offer a two carrier solution to their employees. Most important of all, due to favorable claims experience, Company received a surplus check in year 2. The surplus check was six figures! Needless to say, the employees at Company are very happy. HR is looking pretty good too!

When you work with TDG, you’re getting a lot more than a spreadsheet of costs and options once a year. You’re going to get results!

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