Frequently Asked Questions

How can your firm provide so much technology and huge savings to clients?

By offering a custom platform solution, we can create efficiencies that we pass on to our clients. We offer a two option solution, whereby clients can utilize our portals to manage all of their benefits and almost all of their HR needs. Payroll data drives most of the data that is needed to properly manage ACA compliance for large employers, which is a solution that we offer. Of course, firms do not have to use our payroll. We have a secondary solution for those clients who prefer their own payroll system or outsourced provider.

Clients that need COBRA and ERISA compliance using either of our platform options get those critical services cost-free as we are able to provide it at a huge cost reduction through our technology and preferred vendor relationships.

Does technology alone drive your solution?

No. We are technology backed, but knowledge based. We are at the forefront of how technology and benefits are now merging and improving the industry as a whole, but service and expert advisory are what guides our philosophy. Technology does not interpret plan design. Technology does not understand participation and plan pairing rules. Technology does not care about your employee when a claim issue arises.

How much does working with TDG cost my firm?

It costs firms NO extra charge to work with us. The industry is based on the “BOR” (Broker of record) system. The system imbeds broker fees into group plans – if you have a great broker, a bad broker or a broker you never see, you have a broker fee in your plan costs. The BOR simply assigns which broker gets that fee/commission. With us, you just get a whole lot more for your money!

How long does it take to integrate benefits into your software platform?

We only need a few moments to go over your firm’s needs and can get a plan going for streamlining your benefits delivery and administration system.

Can your office provide year-round support and not just help at renewal time?

We have a dedicated service support team that works year-round to help service your needs.

Am I a large employer and if so, what does ACA Compliance mean for me?

The size of firms is decided by whether or not there are 50 FTE (full-time equivalent) employees, this definition should be explained and reviewed with a TDG compliance officer to be certain of your firm’s category and potential ACA penalty risk.

Can you help determine if I am a large employer?

We measure and analyze company structure to determine group size. A TDG compliance officer should be consulted.

Can you conduct Open Enrollment meetings?

Yes. We offer custom meetings and webinars for open enrollment, all while explaining what the new health law means to your employees.